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Onion Mixer Bitcoin Tumbler / Re: How to use Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer
« on: March 20, 2018, 02:32:03 PM »
@ PoF

Right now Onion mixer only supports bitcoin, but we are in the process of building a dedicated infrastructure for BCH that we anticipate to be ready later next month.

Onion Mixer Bitcoin Tumbler / How to use Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer
« on: March 05, 2018, 05:27:54 AM »
Onion Mixer is an anonymous bitcoin mixer that's available to use exclusively on the deep web. Onion mixer keeps no logs, is only accessible on the deep web,. Our service is built to provide a cloak of anonymity and privacy to users concerned about blockchain privacy.

Visit the Official Onion Mixer URL: http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion

Specify your delay
This is the amount of time that will elapse before the Onion Mixer sends your (new) bitcoin to your (new clean) bitcoin wallet. If you are not in a hurry, we suggest that you specify a delay to further increase anonymity.

Specify your output wallet
The bitcoin wallet address to where Onion Mixer will send the (new) clean bitcoins. Always create your new wallet anonymously, and use this wallet ONLY for your onion mixer deposit.

You may optionally add up to (5) additional wallet addresses, which Onion mixer will split up and send evenly to, based on your specified time delay settings. Adding multiple output addresses is highly advised.

Once you've configured your bitcoin mixing preferences, click on Next, Proceed to Letter of Guarantee.

Save Letter of Guarantee
The letter of guarantee provides you with a unique URL and hash that allows you to restore / reference the transaction in the unlikely event that the something were to go wrong. You can either download the text file, or copy it in plain text into a temporary file.

Send dirty bitcoin to Onion Mixer
You will be provided a unique deposit address to where you will send your (dirty) bitcoin. A random fee of .05% - 4% will be deducted from the total amount sent. Fees are randomized to obfuscate further blockchain analysis and provide users an extra layer of privacy from potential incremental based analysis tools.

Once 1 bitcoin confirmation is received, Onion mixer will then send the new (clean) bitcoin amount (less the fee) to your new, clean wallet address(s) specified on step 1.

Onion mixer logs are deleted automatically after 24 hours. This is a security measure that we find necessary to provide best privacy for our users. Once you've completed your mix, you may manually delete your logs and transaction from the server by clicking the Delete Bitcoin Hash Key button.

Warning: Once your hash key is deleted, there is NO WAY to recover your bitcoin session.

To confirm that the mix was successful in removing any taint, visit and search for your bitcoin transaction. Click on "taint analysis" to examine and confirm that Onion Mixer was successful in anonymizing your cryptocurrency.

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